Teaching the science of swimming since 2003!


Coach Vern: 

apprentice instructor

Coach Vern is a student at NC Central University and lifeguard with many years' experience in working with young children.  As an experienced lifeguard, Coach Vern understands the importance of water safety and learning aquatic survival skills early.  She has very close relationships with several young siblings and cousins as well as many years' experience babysitting, so she naturally relates to young children and helps them learn difficult new skills with confidence.  Coach Vern enjoys teaching all levels of our curriculum and especially enjoys teaching Survival Swim and working with Special Needs students.  She is studying Business Management at NC Central University, and in her spare time enjoys hairstyling as a licensed Cosmetologist.

Coach Vern has completed over 50 hours of training to learn our method.  She currently teaches Survival Swim, Kicks and Tricks, FUNdations and Beginning Stroke.