Teaching the science of swimming since 2003!



For students who can swim 25 meters freestyle and backstroke

Team environment with 1:8 coach:swimmer ratio

One hour practices, twice per week

Teaches competitive swimming and racing skills

Swim Team

Where/when are practices held?
Practices are held at the Triangle Sportsplex (101 Meadowlands Drive).  Our current schedule is:

Monday & Wednesday:  4:30-5:30PM or 5:30-6:30PM 

Swim team registration occurs in 2-month sessions.  Opt-out notice is necessary by the 15th before the upcoming session to take a break.
  Cost is $200/child/session.

Why should my child do swim team?

Swimming is a highly beneficial activity for children of all ages that engages all muscle groups, strengthens the circulatory and respiratory systems, and has a relatively low risk of injury compared to most other available sports.  In addition, swim team allows children to practice following directions, working as a team, and developing attention span.  PhD's swim team is an excellent introduction to the world of competitive swimming because we are low-commitment, no-stress, and focused on building superior technique.  We believe in swimming smarter, not harder or longer, and take pride in engaging swimmers intellectually to take charge of improving their technique.  Our practices are fun, challenging, fast-paced, and backed by the same science-based method we use in our stroke progression program.

Can my child start your program on the swim team?
We will accept new students age 4.5 and older who can swim 25 meters of freestyle, and backstroke, and who can sustain attention and follow directions in a one hour practice.

What age is this appropriate for?
Generally children on the swim team are between ages 4-12. 

What are the expectations of swim team?
Swim team has no attendance requirements, so you may attend as many or as few practices as you choose.  We do not adjust the session fee for missed practices.  Swimmers should wear attire suitable for competitive swimming:  no baggy shorts or bikinis, and long hair must be tied back or in a swim cap for safety.  Swimmers need a quality pair of goggles that fit them well. 

Parents should plan to stay during practice and sit on the bleachers or in another area of the pool building, not beside the pool.  Please do not talk to your swimmer or the coaches during practice, as all coach attention needs to be on the swimmers and this creates a safety issue.  Your child can ask the coach if they need to speak to you, use the restroom, etc, and coaches welcome your questions via email or after practice.

Penguins Swim Team

We are a non-competitive, casual team designed to be a positive first introduction to swim team.  We are currently focused on 10 & under developmental swimming.  The team runs on two month sessions, and practice groups are kept purposefully small for maximum individual attention.  The goals for our swim team are to refine all four competitive strokes with a focus on body and head positions, to learn swim team etiquette and terminology, and to have fun while swimming for fitness and working as a team.