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Survival Class Wait List

4 Easy Steps to enroll on Wait list

1.  Complete  registration- A credit card will be required but will NOT be charged until class tuition is processed.

2. After registrating you can log into the Parent Portal to see available classes and wait lists.

  • Toggle "Show me classes with wait lists" to ON and filter by "Survival" in the "Class Level" filter.

3. You may choose up to 3 wait list classes that will fit into your schedule, please do not pick random times you can not enroll in. You will be emailed as a class opening becomes available per your wait listed day and time.

4. If you do not see a wait list option next to class the wait list is full at this time

Wait list:

  • A class that you want is not available so you wait list yourself to be next in line.
  • Please do not wait list classes that do not work for your schedule.
  • Wait list start/end dates are arbitrary, you will be contacted as soon as a spot is available.


  • You will receive email notifications regarding all PhD events.
  • Your credit card will be requested but not be charged until enrolled.


  • You must register before you can enroll.
  • Enrollment means you have chosen to participate in an upcoming class and will be charged according to payment terms (see FAQ). 
  • Our predetermined 7 week instructional blocks. All classes take place within a session.

​2020 Session Schedule
(may be subject to change)

Session-2 March April 
March 1st - April 19th
​Make Up week April 20th-26th 
No class Easter, April 12th

Session-3 May June 
April 27th - June 15th
Make up week June 16th-22nd
No class Memorial Day, May 25th

Session-4 July August 
June 26th - August 16th
Make up week August 17th-23rd
No class July 3rd-5th

Session-5 September October 
August 24th - October 12th
Make up week Oct 13th-19th
No class Labor Day, Sept 7th

Session-6 November December 
October 21st - December 13th
Make up week Dec 14th-20th
No class Nov 25th - Nov 29th

Survival Wait List