Teaching the science of swimming since 2003!

Pool & Instructor FAQ

Is your pool warm?

  • Yes, very! The average water temperature is 90F to ensure that our swimmers are comfortable and enjoy their lesson.

Can I request an instructor?

  • We cannot guarantee a teacher and we will always reserve the right to change teachers if necessary. However, it is our goal to provide the best swim experience possible for your child.

Are instructor schedules subject to change?

  • Yes. We do not guarantee coaches and schedules. All are subject to change. All coaches adhere to the same curriculum to ensure consistency.

Why don’t you offer Parent/Tot or traditional swim lessons?

  • Drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages one through four.  Traditional swim lessons and parent/tot programs teach children that the water is a fun place to play without teaching them to independently handle themselves in it.
  • We believe in learning to swim safely, quickly, and efficiently, and in our experience traditional swim lessons accomplishes none of these things.