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Why don't you have evening/weekend/after 4PM openings?

  • This is our #1 question asked by far.  We have these openings but they are taken very quickly because they are what 90% of our clients want.  We understand that you need these times due to work/school/naps, and our teachers stay maxed out on this time block to open as many as possible.  Please get on our waitlists if you require these times, as you will probably not be able to get one without pre-registering  You will get in much faster if you can, even temporarily, make weekday times before 3PM work!

What's the best way to get started?

  • New families may register and enroll (if enrollment is open) via the family portal

I need to register siblings who are of different levels.  Can they be in a class together?

  • All beginner students must begin with Survival private lessons,
  • If you have two students they can do back to back slots if available. 
  • If all students are safe swimmers or graduates, a semi-private sibling class can be scheduled when available.

Can I enroll via email/phone/etc?

  • All class enrollments are done via the family portal. 
  • We will email you as soon as we have an opening

I don't see the class I need -- do you have more classes available?

  • All the classes available are listed online. 
  • We are looking for ways to increase the pool time we rent and offer more classes.  

Why are you always full?

  • As a courtesy to our customers, we allow current families (actively taking at least one class) to have priority enrollment.  Current families will receive an email on how to register.  We have a very high retention rate and a large number of potential clients who are waiting for classes.  This means we are unable to offer open enrollment at this time.  We are aware of the issue and are actively looking for solutions to help us meet demand.

Online Registration FAQ