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Medical FAQ


Can my child swim with a medical condition?

  • A student with a known medical condition must have a signed medical release from the student’s physician prior to the first day of class. Ear infections are a common reason why children are restricted from participating in swimming lessons. Since medical professionals have different opinions about swimming, ear infections, and tubes, please consult with your physician.

If my child has an infection or disease, can he/she enter the pool?

  • For the health of all children, it is recommended by pediatricians and other doctors that children with a fever, rash or any other symptom of an infection NOT participate in an aquatic program. Infections are usually spread among children by direct contact (touching, sneezing, changing rooms, etc.) and NOT through the water. Student participation will be restricted if there is any contagious illness. Children with diarrhea will not be admitted; a complete shutdown of the pool will be necessary should a diarrhea accident occur.

Should I send my child to class if they have an illness?

  • Avoid sending your child to class if they have an illness, or open sores. Children who do not feel well during class will be sent home.