What is your make-up policy?

  • Make-up classes are not scheduled for any reason (illness, vacation, recitals, forgetting to come, etc.)
  • For pool problems, weather or instructor absence, the designated make-up week is the last week of the session.  Class credits will be issued if more than one week of makeups is necessary due to these reasons.

What about students who are late for a lesson?

  • Students who are late will receive an abbreviated lesson.  It's a good idea to arrive 10 minutes early to allow your child to use the restroom and get ready for their lesson.

I don't see the class I need -- do you have more classes available?

  • All the classes available are listed online. 
  • We are looking for ways to increase the pool time we rent and offer more classes. 


Why no makeups? 

  • We are the first swim school in the Triangle to be certified by the Durham Living Wage Project.  Unfortunately, many programs with generous makeup policies afford this by underpaying staff.  We pay all of our staff and teachers a living wage and believe that if one of their students does not show up to class on a given day, that teacher should still be paid for the time they spent waiting for the absent student.  It is not the teacher's fault if one of their students is absent, but unfortunately at other schools that allow makeups, they often suffer for it.  Our policy helps us attract and retain the very best swim teachers in the area, plus keep our prices low!  We hope you will join us in supporting your child's swim teachers by understanding our reasoning for this policy.

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Make up FAQ