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Kicks & Tricks

The purpose of Kicks & Tricks is to improve students' body positions in the water and kick technique, to make sure their skills remain sharp, and to have fun swimming in a structured environment.  This program is an optional next step after completing Survival.    Students will learn or improve their prone kicking skills and refine their swim-float-swim sequence to prepare for the FUNdations level.  A variety of toys, games and activities are incorporated into these lessons to encourage a love of the water in addition to continued respect for it.

Kicks & Tricks

Kicks & Tricks

For students 6-36 months who have completed our initial survival program

Teaches body positions and kick technique for FUNdations prep

Why should my child do Kicks & Tricks classes?
Cooperative students 24 months and up who can already swim-float-swim ten feet may skip this level.

Learning to swim is a motor skill, and accordingly should be practiced regularly and correctly.  Imagine if your child learned to walk in 3-6 weeks but then never practiced walking.  While this class benefits all children, if you think you will be unable to swim with your child at least once per week, or if for any reason you have difficulty correctly practicing their learned skills, they need to be in maintenance classes.  Typically students enrolled in these classes do not need refreshers.  It also allows the instructor to immediately identify any issues that might arise from unstructured play in the pool outside of lessons.

Can my child start your program in this class?
We will accept a new student only if they have been trained by a similar program and can demonstrate that they can attain and maintain a survival float on the first day of class.

What age is this appropriate for?
Kicks & Tricks is for recent Survival graduates between 6 and 36 months. 

Why do you recommend semi-private lessons?  Can we do private lessons?
At this level it is critical for students to increase their independence and learn to rely even more on themselves and not their teacher.  Sharing with another student of similar age and ability allows them to see another child doing the activities and to participate alongside them while the teacher observes and facilitates.  This increases their confidence that they can do it all by themselves!  It is also great fun to swim with a friend and fosters social development to interact with another child.  In special circumstances we will accept a private lesson, but we highly encourage semi-private. 

What are the skills-specific goals of this level?
-- Learn or improve kick technique, power, and tempo
-- Improve body and head position on front and back
-- Cooperative attitude during lessons and willing to learn
-- Introduction to reaching arms (hand lead swimming)  
-- Begin to develop a back kick
Students who are finished with this level will generally be able to swim-float-swim 10 feet.  Arm movements are not taught in this level.  We discourage use of arms in class or during free play outside of class.