Teaching the science of swimming since 2003!


Jess is originally from Toledo, Ohio and has undergraduate degrees in Child Development and Early Childhood Education.  A lifelong teacher, Jess has taught for over a decade in both traditional and special needs settings.  Her training and work as a teacher primarily focused on preschool children, so she already had a wealth of experience working with the young children we teach.  Jess also has significant competitive and learn-to-swim swimming experience both personally and as a swim instructor.

Jess first became involved with PhD when her two-year-old son, then 20 months, graduated from our survival swim program.  She was impressed by PhD's teaching methods and decided to train as an instructor.  Jess's strong background in child psychology made it easy for her to learn our curriculum, and as a parent whose toddler participated in the program she has a unique connection with parents beginning their child's swimming journey.  Jess has completed 50 hours of academic and in-water training to learn our method.  She currently teaches Survival, Kicks & Tricks, FUNdations and Beginning Stroke.

Jessica Canning: