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Isabel Dahl: 

Isabel is a 2015 graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, with a degree in Fine Arts.  She has worked as a nanny for seven years, caring for children from infants through middle school age. Isabel has a passion for visual art and previously worked at Totah LLC as a gallery assistant. Coach Isabel was a competitive swimmer for nine years. Isabel also works as a birth doula and is proud to provide inclusive, compassionate and empowering doula services to expectant parents in the Triangle.  

 Isabel loves to work on a team but is also very independent which makes her a great fit for our school.  During her training, she bonded quickly with her students and has mastered difficult stroke technique concepts with ease.  Isabel's confidence, friendly demeanor, and ability to relate to children of all ages make her a strong teacher in our program.  Isabel has completed 50 hours of academic and in-water training to learn our method.  She currently teaches Kicks & Tricks, FUNdations, and Beginning Stroke.