Teaching the science of swimming since 2003!


Coach Holly competed in Hunters and Jumpers throughout her childhood, qualifying for and competing in some of the top horse shows in the country. She began teaching riding lessons when she moved from Pennsylvania to Wilmington, NC in 2003 and discovered a desperate need for safe, quality riding instruction in the area. She taught over 200 children of all ages in her 8 years of teaching. She had a passion and knack for helping the struggling or fearful rider rebuild their confidence and renew their love of the sport. She values connecting with her students and their families, and many years after teaching,  she still maintains relationships with many of her former riding families.

Holly fell in love with the PhD method when her youngest daughter learned to swim quickly in their program. After wasting lots of money and time on other swimming lessons that didn’t produce results, she was thoroughly impressed. She is excited to share the magic of PhD with as many children as possible and hopes that one day all parents will view teaching their children water survival skills as crucial as vaccinating and using car seats

Holly has a Masters in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis from University of North Carolina Wilmington, making PhD’s teaching style a perfect fit for her. When she’s not at PhD she is busy shuttling her daughters around or caring for a house full of foster dogs.  Coach Holly has completed over 50 hours of academic and in-water training to learn our method.   She currently teaches Survival, Kicks and Tricks, and FUNdations.


Holly Hamilton: