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General FAQ

Should my child eat before class?

  • Students in the Survival Program under age three must NOT eat two hours before their lesson.
  • Four hours before their lesson, avoid whole fruits (especially with skin), meats, dairy products, and anything difficult to digest.
  • Students may have rice cereal, applesauce, bananas, toast, breast milk, and nut protein four hours before their lesson.
  • Students swallow air during the lesson process and we must avoid spitting up in the pool. It does not harm the student, but the pool must be closed if such an incident occurs.

Can my child stay and play in the pool after their lesson or arrive early and swim?

  • No, children will only be allowed to be in the pool during their lesson. There is no free swim.

Can siblings/friends of different ages share a lesson?

  • Sure!  Both children must be safe swimmers or graduates of Survival.  The closer the children are in age and ability, the more productive the lesson will be.

What should I bring to my lesson?

  • Your child should wear a swimsuit (competition suits preferred instead of baggy shorts, string bikinis)
  • Bring at least one towel. 
  • You may bring goggles to your stroke classes, or we have some available.
  • If your child is in Survival, goggles are not allowed. 
  • If your child's hair is past their ears, it must be tied back away from their face for safety reasons. 
  • Hair can get caught in gutters and obstruct breathing for new swimmers.

Are diapers required?

  • Students under age under 3 (even if they are potty trained) or until they've been trained for at least 1 year if over 3 must wear two swim non disposal diapers at every lesson.
  • ​If a fecal incident occurs in the pool, the entire pool must be closed and all lessons canceled. 
  • A fee will applied if a fecal contamination incident is caused by your child when you were not following the double diaper policy.