Teaching the science of swimming since 2003!


- Highest pay in the swim instructor industry.  Compensating our staff fairly for their hard work is one of our core values as a company.  We pay all staff a living wage, and all swim instructors after training will start at $16.25/hr during their apprentice sessions and progress to $20.50/hr as an instructor.
- Paid training that costs thousands of dollars elsewhere.  The training process for survival swim instructors is often cost-prohibitive at other programs and can cost the trainee anywhere from $5,000-$15,0000+.  At PhD, you will get paid to learn this!  This valuable training will set you apart from other swim instructors for life. 
- Automatic first priority for your children's lesson time slots for as long as you are an active instructor. 
- 20% discount for your children's lessons for as long as you are an active instructor.
- Flexible hours.  We always need evening and weekend teachers, but we do everything we can to allow you to set hours that work for you as well as allow for changes as your life changes. 
- Year-end bonuses
- Progressive company culture that celebrates diversity.  We strive to keep growing and learning around this to keep making our school a safe place for all folks to work, grow and learn.  We believe that Black Lives Matter, support our LGBTQ+ employees, friends, and clients, and work to deconstruct our own privileges and elevate marginalized voices. 
- We're a pretty rad place to work!  I (Coach Katie) used to work for other swim schools and work hard to make sure the downsides I experienced in that environment are not present here.  We want you to want to come to work, and we are always open to feedback in that regard.  We believe that happy staff means happy clients and talented, happy swimmers! 

- Survival Swim is 3x/week, so please be available at least 3 days per week.  Up to 5 days a week is available if desired.
- We especially need weekend and after 3PM availability.
- Anywhere from 10-25 hour schedules available depending on your needs and availability
- We are looking for a long-term fit.  Please be able to commit to at least 1 year with our family! 
- Schedules need to remain the same for at least 8 weeks at a time.  You can change your schedule after that point if needed but we do try to keep schedules similar if possible.


Employment at PhD Swim School


Employment Opportunities

- We are looking for mature adult instructors.  This would not be a good fit for a first or second job for a teenager, but we would consider mature college students. 
- Must be excellent with children ages 0-6 years and comfortable with infants 6 months and up.
- Ideal fit for nannies, parents, childcare workers, preschool teachers, etc.
- Teachable attitude and ready and willing to learn new skills!

- NO SWIMMING SKILLS NEEDED.  We'd rather train you on our methods, anyway! 

Have you ever watched your child's lessons and thought, "Wow, I want to learn that!" or wondered what it would be like to teach the skills your kids are learning?  Are you looking for a fun, challenging, rewarding career that allows you to make a difference in children's lives?  Do you want a job where it's fun to be at work?  Whether you're just learning about us or a seasoned swim parent, we are always looking for great new swim teachers and encourage you to apply!

Are we looking for YOU?  Apply now, or feel free to email coachkatiephdswim@gmail.com or phdswimschool@gmail.com with any questions!