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Durham Classes

If you do not see a Survival class that fits your schedule please register and enroll in our rolling wait list by clicking the Survival Wait List button below.

.July/August Open Classes

Register: You will receive email notifications regarding all PhD events. You will not be put on a wait list for any class. Your credit card will be requested but not be charged until enrolled.

Enroll: You must register before you can enroll. Enrollment means you have chosen to participate in an upcoming class and will be charged according to payment terms (see FAQ).

Wait list: A class that you want is not available so you wait list yourself to be next in line. Please do not wait list classes that do not work for your schedule. Wait list start/end dates are arbitrary, you will be contacted as soon as a spot is available.

Survival: Our intensive basics class. All students must have these skills before they are can enroll in Maintenance classes.

Maintenance: A general term for all of our class levels after Survival.

Session: Our predetermined 7 week instructional blocks. All classes take place within a session.

2019 Session Schedule

(may be subject to change)

May/June Session

April 27th-June17th

Off May 25th-27th

July/August Session

June 27th-August 18th

Off July 4th-7th

September/October Session

August 26th-October 14th

Off September 2nd

November December Session

October 23rd-December 15th

Off November 27th-December 1st

July/August Session
June 27 - August 18
(no class July 4-7)

Maintenance Classes Coming mid-June