Teaching the science of swimming since 2003!


Coach Deborah holds an undergraduate degree in Biology from Harvard University with a minor in Visual Art, and has grown up and spent most of her life in the Triangle.  While at Harvard, she spent time volunteering at Children's Hospital Boston in their Advocating Success for Kids clinic which specializes in early intervention and support for children ages 0-14 with learning, developmental, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges.  After graduating, Deborah worked at a local non-profit that serves teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and then as a full-time care provider for three girls ages 0-4.  She loves working with young children of all backgrounds and abilities and is excited to merge her passion for swimming with her experience working with children. 

When Coach Deborah was just a baby, her mother put her in a similar survival program that helped her become safely comfortable in the water, as well as nurturing her love of swimming.  She is happy to be able to share that gift now with others!  Deborah enjoys spending time with her two cats and dog, nurturing her passion for visual art through personal ink/graphite/multimedia projects, and traveling and exploring new places as often as she can!

Coach Deborah has undergone over 50 hours of academic and in-water training to learn our method.  She currently teaches Survival, Kicks and Tricks, FUNdations and Beginning Stroke.

Deborah Montes: