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"Thank you for all you do to keep swimming going and keeping our swimmers, families and your team safe!  Just wanted you to know we appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this." - Nicole M.

Our pool chemistry is checked at least 3 times per day, and at least once by a licensed CPO (we have three CPOs on staff).  We maintain our water chemistry at levels that will not irritate your eyes or skin, but effectively eliminate the virus.  For an extra layer of protection, items such as goggles are sanitized in a special chlorine solution between each student. 

COVID-19 Safety Information

Thank you for reading about our added safety measures!  Before you come to class, please give the following rules a read (emailed out to every student who signs up) as we cannot make exceptions to any of them for your safety.  Staff will be on hand to remind you and help everyone follow these rules!

- All adults must wear a face covering to enter.  We will have masks for sale for $2 if you don't have one or forget. 

- Only one adult per child may enter the building.  Please do not bring extra friends, relatives, grandparents, etc.  (But they can wait outside or in the car.)

- You may only enter the building 5 minutes before your class begins, and must exit 5 minutes after your class ends.  If you come earlier, please wait outside or in the car until 5 minutes before your time.

- Restrooms are temporarily CLOSED unless it is an emergency.  Please use the restroom before you leave home and/or after you get back home.  The baby changing station may be used for diapers and the restroom will be available for emergencies, but please alert a staff member as they will need to be sanitized after every use. 

- During the Jan/Feb session quick indoor changing will be allowed with social distancing.

- We are practicing a "Wrap and Go" procedure for exiting the pool:  Please wrap your swimmer in their towel and head straight out as directed by staff.  Please change at home or in the car unless it is a diaper emergency.

- Social distancing will be required, and tape markings on the floor will show you where to sit or stand.  Please listen to staff on which location to go to, as we have designed a layout to minimize traffic and keep you safe. 

- Temperatures will be taken and health questions asked upon entering the building (i.e. have you been exposed to Covid-19 or experiencing symptoms, etc). 

- All children MUST remain beside you or on your lap.  (No playing around the building, running down the stairs, etc.)  You may want to bring a toy or book they can play with quietly while sitting down.  The play area will be closed.

- Absolutely no eating or drinking allowed in the building, including water (because masks must not be removed).  Please eat/drink outside if necessary.

"Just wanted to say I admire how you run your ship. By far, you guys have the most detailed plan that I've seen in terms of reopening in the safest manner possible given the most up to date information regarding viral transmission." - Nancy S.

Social distancing will be strictly enforced with our newly-designed layout.  Your own separate waiting area will be assigned to you upon entering where your family can maintain social distance at all times.  We have also greatly reduced capacity by only allowing 1 adult per child to enter.  High-touch surfaces are sanitized once per hour, and our entire building is professionally cleaned each night.

"Thanks so much! We were hesitant about signing her up but with the safety rules and protocols make me assured it was the right decision." - Priya P.

All teachers and staff are health and temperature screened before EVERY shift.  All clients are health and temperature screened before each lesson.  No one who is symptomatic, who has been exposed to the virus, or who has been in close contact with anyone who has will be allowed to enter the building.  We have worked with health department officials to develop our safety plan, including how we would respond in the event of an exposure.

"THANK YOU so much for all of the hard work you and your team have done these past months to provide safety measures while using your facilities. My family is so grateful to continue this learning activity for our child and especially to feel safe while doing it. I've been quite impressed with everything done to help with the safety of everyone that comes and goes in the building." - Desiree S.

ALL of our teachers and staff have been certified by Count on Me NC, an evidence-based course developed by public health officials on best practices for managing COVID-19 in the workplace.

At PhD Swim School, your family's safety is and always has been our number one priority.  To that end we have enacted some of the strictest COVID-19 policies in the industryThere will be absolutely no exceptions to these rules so that all of our families can remain safe!  Check out all we are doing to protect your family below! 

"I just want to thank you for being so careful.  It’s the reason we came back and this is the ONLY activity we are doing." - Sarah C.

No two separate families will share a class.  Your child will ONLY swim with their instructor and any quarantined-together siblings they may have.  Face coverings are required by ALL, even teachers in the water.  We have provided our teachers with water resistant masks and are currently the first and only swim school in the area to teach entirely with masks.  All staff PPE is paid for by our company.

COVID-19 Safety Information