Teaching the science of swimming since 2003!


Christine has a wide variety of experience working with young children in personal, educational, and community service contexts.  As a mother of two young boys, she is very comfortable relating to our youngest students and passionate about teaching them the skills necessary to survive in the water.  Christine is active in La Leche League and Babywearing International and has past experience volunteering with Kiwanis and working as a substitute educational assistant in the Issaquah, WA School District.

Christine is a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology.  She has a strong understanding of behavioral science which makes it easy for her to learn our curriculum.  Her teaching strengths include a strong knowledge of the scientific theory behind our methods and a natural gift and comfort with young children.  Christine has completed 50 hours of academic and in-water training as well as 30 hours of supervised teaching to learn our method.  A senior instructor at PhD, she also consults with and helps train new teachers.  She currently teaches every level of our lesson program and coaches swim team.

Christine Harding: 

senior instructor