Coach Alasha is a full time mom to a handsome baby boy and two beautiful pitbulls.  She's from Durham, NC, and her favorite time-passers include writing poetry, reading and going on walks.  Her favorite color is blue and she loves coffee!

Alasha is very family-oriented and grew up in a large family who taught her to swim at the age of seven.   She began teaching swim lessons herself at sixteen, when she also began competitive swimming and continued for four years.  As a mom, Alasha understands the importance of water safety for young children as well as the importance of building a trusting, positive relationship with her students.  The pool is a second home to Alasha, and she cannot wait to instill that same joy in your little ones! 

Coach Alasha has completed over 50 hours of training to learn our method. She currently teaches Survival Swim, Kicks and Tricks, FUNdations, Beginning Stroke, and Advanced Stroke.

Senior instructor

Teaching the science of swimming since 2003!


Coach Alasha: