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It's simple:  Our students learn to swim faster, safer, and more competently than any other swim school in the area.  We teach kids to survive an aquatic accident in 21 days.  In no other program will your child have a fighting chance to survive an encounter with water in this amount of time.  We are the most efficient use of your time and money for swim lessons.

With PhD Swim School, you will have a competent swimmer in weeks, not years, with much less time, money, and effort.  We teach the whole spectrum of swimming ability from infant survival to competitive swimming.  Our teachers are adult professionals who are better trained than any other swim program in the area, and are compensated accordingly.  We are the only swim school in the Triangle that is Durham Living Wage certified.  Our family-owned, local company is committed to sustainable business practices, local and global social justice, and serving our community in and out of the water.

This is our life's passion, not our summer job.  Come see the difference that makes!

PhD Swim School is a water survival program designed to teach  independent swimming and self- rescue skills to infants, toddlers and young children.

2020 Session Schedule
(may be subject to change)

Session-2 March April 
March 1st - April 19th

​Make Up week April 20th-26th 
No class Easter, April 12th

Session-3 May June 
April 27th - June 15th

Make up week June 16th-22nd
No class Memorial Day, May 25th

Session-4 July August 
June 26th - August 16th

Make up week August 17th-23rd
No class July 3rd-5th

Session-5 September October 
August 24th - October 12th

Make up week Oct 13th-19th
No class Labor Day, Sept 7th

Session-6 November December 
October 21st - December 13th

Make up week Dec 14th-20th
No class Nov 25th - Nov 29th

as of 3/16/20

Dear PhD Swim School family,

Through this entire crisis, our goal has been to prioritize the health, financial stability, and emotional well-being of our clients and staff.  As you can imagine, with over 500 families, each who have a different opinion and  response to this situation, there is no way that we can make everyone happy despite our best efforts. We so appreciate our many swim families who have been patient and understanding during this difficult time! 

At this time we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily suspend all classes at PhD Swim School, effective Monday, 3/16 at 1:30.  We will re-evaluate the situation daily and will update you when we plan to re-open.  Our plan is to get back to business as soon as possible.  We know many of you will be anxious to return to classes, and we will too!

During this time, our commitment to our staff remains paramount.  We have made the commitment to continue paying all of our staff, including teachers and front desk, during this closure.

As a small business, temporarily closing will NOT be easy.  We know many of you will have questions and concerns about makeups, class credits, refunds, etc. I, Katie C., owner, will be frank with you:  There is no way we can afford to continue paying our staff a living wage, pay all of our bills that are due, and provide 100% credit back on every single class that will be cancelled. We will be taking all factors into consideration when we make the decision to offer class credits or refunds. We ask that you remain patient with us as we work through this unprecedented time.

We are in the business of safety, family, community and ethical practices, and we promise to do our very best to navigate these uncertain times together.  We appreciate you patience and understanding. We hope everyone in our swim school family stays healthy, and we look forward to seeing everyone back very soon.
Thank you, today and every day, for being a part of our family.  
Your friends,

Katie C., Seth P. and Katie B.
Leadership Team, PhD Swim School

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